5 Ways to Maximize Your Work Day

1. Wake up 1 hour before the usual time you get ready.

This is something that I've been implementing sporadically for the past 3 months and I've seen HUGE benefits in my productivity during those days. I use this extra time to read my Bible, stretch and create a to-do list for my day. This helps me focus before the rush of getting prepared for work.

2. Pray during your morning commute.

Your morning commute is the best time to pray, especially if you're in the car alone. I love using this time to pray and make declarations over my day. Speak over your spouse, your children, your loved ones, your work environment, etc. Take command and watch God work!

3. Take your entire lunch break.

Ladies, take the full 1 hour as much as you can. Seriously! Your company is not paying for you to work that extra hour, so use it. And if you are able, drive offsite from time to time to separate yourself from the work environment and clear your mind. Enjoy a nutritious meal, check in with your spouse, schedule appointments, or handle anything else that needs to be done.

4. Give yourself at least 1 hour to do nothing.

I cannot explain how relaxing this is! You've been using your brain ALL DAY, so show yourself some grace and chill out. At least 1 hour after your work day, skip the schedule, and give yourself time to do "nothing" aka something that doesn't require too much effort. For me, this is usually watching videos on Youtube or watching Netflix.

5. Prep for tomorrow.

This is literally so simple that I imagine people probably ignore it. Getting your clothes in order for the next morning, packing your lunch and checking your meeting schedule before going to sleep helps you mentally prepare for the next day and save time in the mornings.